Indira Pranabudi

"I always wanted to go to college in the U.S. An agency in Indonesia told me that I could finish high school and go to college at the same time. I looked at several community colleges and chose Green River after reading the transfer testimonials. Green River was a really good stepping stone for me....People are really friendly and welcoming. You can try new things and meet a lot of different people. If you start out at a big university, it is harder to meet people. The class sizes at Green River are smaller and instructors are really helpful."

Indira Pranabudi, Indonesia
Computer Science

Photo of Julia Chin

"The High School Completion (HSC) program at GRCC helped me expedite my transfer into a 4-year university. The HSC program offers various courses that satisfy both high school and the transfer requirements, making it possible to skip a third year in high school. I am now a senior at the University of California, Los Angeles, majoring in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology.  Earning a Washington State high school diploma definitely enhanced my application. I received a full-ride scholarship to study at UCLA and soon I will be heading to Saudi Arabia for a masters degree in Bioscience. Based on my experience, I highly recommend the HSC program at GRCC."

Julia Chin Chee Jia, China
Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

Photo of Devina Sanjaya

"My High School Completion experience was memorable.  I was able to get my high school diploma while taking college classes. Since fall 2008, I have been going to the University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. I plan to graduate in spring 2010 and find a job as a mechanical engineer."

Kevin Wiramihardja, Indonesia
UC Berkeley
Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Devina Sanjaya

"The High School Completion Program saved me time and money. I could finish my high school at the same time as I finished my first year of college. Also, the program increased my credibility when I transferred to the university. Furthermore, the program gave me a lot of opportunities to join college activities and to interact with other students from different countries."

Devina Sanjaya, Indonesia
University of Michigan: Ann Arbor
Aerospace Engineering

Photo of Insoo Jeon

" I heard about GRCC's High School Completion program through EF.  I thought that it was the perfect program for me because I wanted to go to university in America and I needed to complete high school. The program saved me time and I got a high school diploma as well. Moreover, at GRCC many students transfer to very high ranking Universities.  I became one of them. I am pursuing my dream at UCLA in the field of Computer Science. I really appreciate GRCC and the High School Completion program.  "

Insoo Jeon, South Korea
Computer Science

Photo of Yu Yu Chang

"I am currently a junior at UC Davis, pursuing a bachelor degree in International Relations. The specific track I chose for this major is Peace and Security - it relates to the field of diplomacy. My career goal is to become a diplomat for Taiwan. After finishing my bachelor degree at UCD, I will do an internship with the California State Department. After that, I am planning to go back to Taiwan for the Diplomacy Examination. "

Yu Yu Chang, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
UC Davis
International Relations

Photo of Devina Sanjaya

"GRCC was a remarkable transition for me. The faculty and advisors are all compassionate, encouraging, and dedicated to helping students excel academically. GRCC gave me a positive college experience through its plentiful services and opportunities. In the High School Plus program, most of my classes were double-counted for college and high school credits, making completion of an associate degree and high school diploma accessible within a timeframe of two years. "

Thanh Van Nguyen, Vietnam
Georgia Tech
Electrical Engineering

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